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This particularly attractive and efficient series of PA speaker systems is clearly designed for effective fixed installations, whether in restaurants and bars, hotels, for background PA applications at sport facilities, PA applications in adjoining rooms at discotheques, or at conferences: these PAB speaker systems offer a perfect price-performance ratio and a high quality. Pairs of high-quality PA speakers

2-way speaker systems in an ABS cabinet which is both functional and at the same time of an attractive appearance (PAB-88 and PAB-68 in a bass-reflex cabinet), polypropylene bass speaker (partly with ventilated drive) and dome tweeter with horn front attachment (wave guide). High-quality crossover networks with a perfect long-term stability, e. g. due to permanently applying foil capacitors. With the series, 2 kinds of sound are on offer:

PAB-88/... and PAB-58/... impress by a really fast and brilliant sound of high efficiency and a high dynamic range and are particularly optimised for PA applications of modern music of higher volume levels.

The PAB-68/... and the four PAB-4... speaker systems of this series feature a very well-balanced and clear sound which also convinces with the genuine reproduction of voices and demanding music and at the same time appears to be very unobtrusive at moderate levels.

Special features of the individual sizes:

  • The PAB-88 and PAB-68 speaker systems are equipped with an LED as a level indicator at the front

  • The PAB-4... speaker systems are also available in 16 for a perfect parallel connection of up to 4 speaker systems per channel

All speaker systems of this series are supplied with wall brackets.
Technical Facts Speaker systems

Music power

Power rating

Max. frequency range


SPL (1W/1m)

Max. rated SPL



speaker screw terminal
Mounting facility
2 x thread M6  Így is ismerheti: PAB 48, PAB48
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