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KEY FEATURESStreams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth® deviceProjects colorful light patterns onto walls and ceilingsWorks with iPad, iPhone, Android® devices, and moreLights change in pattern and pulsate with your music3 modes: synchronized Beat Mode, swirling Party Mode, or OffHigh-quality microphone with cable included1/8-inch (3.5mm) input for amplifying other audio devicesPowerful amplifier with 50 Watts of peak power INCLUDESParty RockerMicrophone with CableQuickstart GuideSafety & Warranty ManualAudio Cable with 1/8-inch (3.5mm) connector Party Rocker is the easiest way to create an instant dance party anywhere. This powerful and flexible all-in-one sound system will amplify almost anything—iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices, microphones, and instruments.  Beat-Sync'd Lights and Booming Sound!Party Rocker’s built-in lighting automatically bursts into action, pumping and pulsating in time with your music while changing colors and patterns. These dazzling and colorful light patterns are projected onto ceilings and walls, giving you an instant party atmosphere, while it’s 50-Watt speaker fills the room with thumping bass and dance-club energy Convenient Wireless ConnectionPlus, Party Rocker’s wireless capability means you can keep your iPad, iPhone, or other Bluetooth music-playing device right by your side as you blast your music. You can adjust volume, skip tracks, or even mix between tracks, all while you dance and stay where the action is.  Microphone & Audio Cable IncludedA high-quality microphone and cable are included so you can MC the party. Plus, you also get an audio cable with 1/8-inch connector, so you can hook up CD players or any other non-Bluetooth music player.   Multiple ModesParty Rocker's lights can be set to Beat Mode or Party Mode. In Beat Mode, the lights swirl and pulsate in time with your music. In Party Mode, there are no rules! The lighting takes on a life of its own. The lights can also be turned off, so you can use Party Rocker for music only.  

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